Bird Watching

Birdwatching - Boort Lakes

More than 50 bird species can usually be sighted in and around Boort.

Blue-faced Honey-eaters and Musk Lorikeets are often seen in the parkland near the entrance to the caravan park.  The reed-beds, shallows and mudflats to the south-east of Little Lake Boort is a good area to see a variety of waterbirds: ducks, teal, pelicans, cormorants, darters, spoonbills, swamp-hens, moorhens, coots, dotterels, stilts, crakes and rails.

The western end is worth a look too. Tawny Frogmouths regularly nest here. White-breasted Woodswallows are summer visitors around the pumping dam.

For more information, read the ‘Boort & District Birding Guide‘ by Malcolm Cousland.

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