Strategic Initiatives

The Boort Tourism Developments Strategic Plan for 2011 – 2016, has one vision, four major strategic objectives and nine goals.

1. To continue to develop our tourism products and services by:

  • Developing our natural resources
  • Developing and supporting our community partners
  • Developing our physical infrastructure

 2 To further develop our skills in customer service by:

  • Further developing the skills of the people involved in our tourism through training and awareness of the importance of customers to business growth.

 3. To continue to market and promote the Boort District by:

  • Developing a “Boort” website
  • Developing our print media resources
  • Developing Boort radio

 4. To focus on developing strategic partnerships by:

  • Linking with surrounding regional and rural communities to further promote Boort
  • Involving the younger Boort Community in the tourism industry


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